MLB Season

The MLB season is going good so far. There’s a lot of great teams this season and its going to be an amazing season. I’m especially looking forward to the playoffs even though that’s a long time away but I can just picture it now.

The best record so far this season is the Milwaukee Brewers with a 21-11 record. The second best is the San Francisco Giants with 20-11. The third is Oakland Athletics with a 19-12 record. I still believe the Los Angeles Dodgers are the best team in the MLB, they are completely stacked.



My favorite player in the MLB Clayton Kershaw, he is a picture for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is currently injured but he is going to make his first start this week and I know he will win. He won the Cy Young award last year and I guarantee he could again this year.


Teacher appreciation

My favorite teacher was probably mrs.dahl even though I really don’t remember her very much. I just remember her being nice and not really giving two sh*ts. I like when Mr. Leir subs in high school because all he does is take a nap and he really doesn’t care what we do, if we be quiet enough for him to sleep he doesn’t care. I guess I like Fornelli sometimes but he can get harsh and he gives us a lot of work especially right now at the end of the school year.

The qualities of a good teacher include being nice and understanding, not giving any homework, the work that we get they should give us time in class to do it and more than 2 minutes. They should understand if you don’t get something done and you didn’t have time, they shouldn’t be hard in class and actually teaches you how to do something, and not just show you. Some teachers do it in front of you but aint actually teaching you how to do it.

The grades that I didn’t like in my life already have been 3rd, 5th, 6th. When you get to high school it aint so bad because you don’t have to deal with the same teacher all year.  You have to deal with the teacher 1 period out of the day and not all of them. I guess freshmen year this year has been pretty tough with the work and stuff. We have had a lot to do this year and I didn’t do so hot. I especially hate science and math, I just don’t get them at all and the teachers aren’t good at teaching you the stuff. They both are very strict and sometimes pretty mean and they don’t even help you when you ask a question, they just say you should know especially Mrs. Haas. She doesn’t help you and that’s why some people don’t get very good grades in her class. I hate math worse though, not because of the teacher but because I’ve never gotten math in my life and algebra is really really difficult and its like rocket science to me.

The Best Homeruns of 2012

I picked this video because Giancarlo Stanton is in it and I love watching him hit homeruns. I love watching people hit homeruns the way it is but Giancarlo completely crushes the ball everytime he hits one.  Its amazing to see how far a guy can hit it, he had a homerun one time that went over 500 feet.

Stanton has had 40 or more homeruns every year he’s been in the league. And has had over 100 RBI’s every season also. I also love watching walk off homeruns which most of them are in this video.

Walk off homeruns are when its the bottom of the 9th inning or longer and someone hits a homerun to win the game. They are the most exciting part of a game if it happens. Everyone gets out of the dugout and runs to home plate to congratulate them on there big hit.

Kevin Durant, Andrew McCutchen, Minnesota Twins

This picture is Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is the star player on the Oklahoma City Thunder and the MVP in the NBA this year. This picture says how he wants to keep on getting better and wants to become the best player in history. I think he will become that at the end of his career.

Kevin Durant, OKC, MVP
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The next picture is the Minnesota Twins. The twins are my favorite team in the MLB and always have been. Usually they aren’t very good but this year I think they could do pretty good or atleast better than there last couple years.

Minnesota Twins, Best, MLB
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The last picture is of Andrew McCutchen, the star player on the Pittsburgh Pirates. In my opinion he is definitely one of the best players in the MLB. He helps his team is just about every way possible-power and contact hitting, gold glove fielder and gets his team motivated every game.

Andrew McCutchen, Pirates, Gold Glove
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NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs are about to start off this weekend. Its going to be a good year to watch the playoffs, especially the Western Conference. There is not one bad team in the West this year, anything could happen in those games. The Eastern Conference aren’t as good but it will still be fun to watch that conference also.


These are the teams in the 2014 playoffs. The Western Conference is-San Antonio Spurs 2. Oklahoma City Thunder 3. LA Clippers 4. Houston Rockets 5. Portland Trail Blazers 6. Golden State Warriors 7. Memphis Grizzlies 8. Dallas Mavericks. The Eastern Conference is- 1. Indiana Pacers 2. Miami Heat 3. Toronto Raptors 4. Chicago Bulls 5. Washington Wizards 6. Brooklyn Nets 7. Charlotte Bobcats 8. Atlanta Hawks. Personally I want the Thunder and the Pacers to go to the Championship, and I guess I don’t really care who wins it then from there on, I just don’t want the Miami Heat to win it.

I really think Kevin Durant should win a championship this year, to my opinion he is the best player in the world and he deserves a championship. I think this year could finally be the year that him and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder can win one. He finally has the teammates to make it happen and it’d be great if he won it.